technology expertise, operations experience, and industry knowledge.

Information Security solutions

We specialise in bespoke, complex security-heavy technology projects.

Security by design

We help our clients to plan for the most efficient and robust security controls before the solution is implemented, ensuring protection is robust and futureproof.

Risk Management, Governance and Compliance

We have extesive experience in performing risk assessments and policy compliance checks, helping our clients to fully understand risks and mitigation strategies, overall risk profile, and changes to that profile over time.

Security Incident Management and Recovery


Experience across different industry sectors

Oil and Gas

Process control networks security, SCADA and DCS security, distributed ERP systems security, Suppler risk assessment and management, IT Infrastructure protection

Financial Services

Trading systems security, Payments infrastructure security, PKI and SingleSignOn, Regulatory compliance checks and gap analysis, Cloud based solutions security

Networks and Telecom

Network security, NIDS and HIPS, Alerting and event correlation solutions, Firewalls, Remote access security



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